Guest Blogger: Why I Volunteer for GOTR Bexar County

By Amy Roberts on 7/16/2017

At GOTR Bexar County our volunteers are at the heart of every aspect of the program. From coaching teams to running e-mail campaigns we could not do it without their dedication and commitment. For Amy Roberts, a committed volunteer who has served GOTR Bexar County in multiple roles since 2013, her time as a volunteer has impacted her life as well as the lives of girls in Bexar County. Read on to find out why Amy volunteers for Girls on the Run.


We live in a world today that tries relentlessly  to box us in with  pressures and stereotypes. Messaging that says because of your color, gender, beliefs, physical or mental abilities you cannot achieve  or do certain things.


Girls on the Run is an organization that challenges those norms and empowers girls to boldly pursue their dreams and realize their limitless potential.


Limitless - without boundaries

Potential - having or showing the capacity to become something in the future


Think about that for a minute...what goal have you not pursued in your life because somewhere along your life's journey  a belief set in that said you could not accomplish it? What are you not doing today because you think you can't? If you could step out of the box society has put you in, what would you be doing today?


This is why I volunteer with Girls on the Run. I found a place that wants girls to know that each of them can make a difference in this world and that their dreams can become realities. At the core of understanding this is confidence and character. Understanding our self-worth as individuals and our uniqueness gives us the first glimpse into what we are capable of doing or becoming.


Friendships are built at Girls on the Run. As a volunteer I have met incredible people and developed  lifelong friendships. The girls also meet new people and learn to respect and care for them over the course of the 10-week program. It sounds simple, but in life when we begin to care about something or someone we are usually motivated to action. At Girls on the Run I found a community of people who care about helping the women of tomorrow understand that they can make a difference, that they can be all they want to be, that nothing can hold them back from fulfilling their dreams. Through our connectedness and this shared purpose, we (the volunteers and staff) are making a difference. And through the program the girls begin to explore teamwork and how when they connect their own unique skills, strengths, abilities, likes and dislikes together, their impact can be even greater.


While every role I have had and every minute I have contributed to Girls on the Run is rewarding, my favorite part of volunteering with this organization so far has been coaching. Having the opportunity to spend 10 weeks with a group of girls, watching them explore ideas of who they are and how they fit in their peer groups, families, and community really touched my heart. I often tell people that the first season I coached, I am not sure who got more out of the program: myself or the girls. Through skill building experiences, the girls are developing competencies that will last them a lifetime. Tools that will always be in their tool belt...and now mine too.


It's truly my hope that every girl who comes through the program and every volunteer that serves in Girls on the Run comes to know that they each are empowered to contribute to themselves, to each other,  and to this world in ways that only they can imagine. Ways that embrace their limitless potential.


 And this is why I volunteer with Girls on the Run. Interested in joining me?


Interested in finding out more about volunteering? Visit or e-mail for more information!

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