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Girls on the Run of Bexar County Fall Program Registration

Registration for the Fall 2017 season will open AUGUST 30 @ 7:00 PM
Fall 2017 Season 
Girls' First Day:  Week of September 18
Girls on the Run 5k: Saturday, December 9


Fall 2017 Registration:
Registration closes on Friday, September 22, at the end of the first week of the program

NOTE: No girl may be added after week one, even if there is room on a team after week 1. 
Some schools may hold on-site registration to help walk parents through the process. Check with your site for more information. 

Cambridge Elementary,  Hoffmann Elementary, and Woodridge Elementary will register according to a lottery system.  The computer-generated lottery will be run on Thursday, September 7 and parents will be notified by Friday, September 8.  

For information about site meeting days and times, visit our Locations page. 

When you register your daughter for the program, you are also registering her for the 5k event as part of the program fee. You do not need to register her separately for the 5k. However, all other runners--including running buddies--must register separately for the 5k. Race registration information will be sent home throughout the season.

Program Fees and Registration Information
Programs are 10 weeks long, offered in the fall and spring, and meet twice a week for 90 minutes each day. Participation is a twice a week commitment. Please do not register if your child cannot attend both days. 

Registration fee of $150 includes lessons conducted by certified Girls on the Run coaches, program materials, Girls on the Run water bottle and t-shirt, healthy snacks, participation in the Girls on the Run 5k.  All girls are eligible for a scholarship - see our Scholarships page.

Registration closes at the end of the first week of the program, September 22.
Teams close at a maximum of 15 participants if there are a minimum of 2 coaches; 20 if there are 3. If a team does not reach a minimum of 8 participants within the first week or if the required number of coaches are not placed, you will be offered an alternate location or a refund.

If a location fills, your name will be placed on a wait list.  We will contact you if a position opens up at the site you have selected or at an alternate site.

Some sites have on-site registration, where computers and coaches  are available to help you submit the online registration form. See Locations for registration information.

How does the lottery work?
In an effort to give all girls the chance to sign up for this life changing program, Girls on the Run of Bexar County implements a lottery system for registration at Cambridge, Hoffmann and Woodridge Elementary schools.

Girls using our online lottery system can register between August 30 at 7:00 pm and September 7 at noon, when the lottery will be drawn. Families will be notified whether or not they are selected by September 8. 

Participation fees will be charged upon acceptance in the lottery. Once you have been accepted, your participation fees are nontransferable under any and all circumstances. Registration fees are refundable (minus a $15 processing fee) up until September 22 only if notification has been made to Girls on the Run in writing via email to

If the team does not fill at 15 girls before the lottery is drawn, all girls registered to that point will be accepted onto the team, and registration will remain open on a first come, first served basis until the team fells. 

If your daughter is selected in the lottery: You will receive an email that your daughter has been selected, and your credit card will be charged.

If your daughter is NOT selected in the lottery: You will receive an email that your daughter has been placed on the waiting list, and your credit card will NOT be charged at this time.
If you are registering siblings during the lottery registration period: When the computer-generated lottery is run, either both siblings will be randomly selected or neither sibling will be selected AS LONG AS you register BOTH siblings in the same form using the "Add Another Participant?" button on the bottom of the health and insurance information page.


What is your attendance policy?
Due to the importance of group dynamics and the experiential learning process of the Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole curriculum, girls who are absent for more than four (4) practices during one season may no longer be eligible to participate in Girls on the Run. Each situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. It is critically important to the efficacy of the girls’ program experience that they participate in both sessions each week, and parents should be informed prior to registration that girls are not allowed to attend only one session a week.

Guardians are expected to pick up their child from Girls on the Run of Bexar County lessons within 10 minutes of the close of the session; ongoing tardiness will not be tolerated. If the guardian is tardy in picking up the participant, the guardians will be verbally reminded of the policy. If the guardian is tardy for a second time, a verbal reminder and written e-mail acknowledgement of the policy will be made.  Upon the third instance, the guardian will be notified that his/her daughter will no longer be able to attend Girls on the Run.

In the event that no guardian arrives to pick up a participant and all emergency contacts are called but unreachable, the head coach must contact the police to arrive at the site and transport the child home or to a police station, as deemed appropriate by the responding officer.  The head coach must remain with the child until the situation is resolved and the participant is released to the care and authority of the police.  The Council Director/Executive Director must be notified after such an event occurs and will meet with the guardian to determine if the participant can continue the program.  In the event that such an incident is the third late pick-up, continued participation in the program will be denied.

Parental/guardian concerns with either of these policies should be directed towards the Girls on the Run Council Director/Executive Director for further information.
The coach should notify the Council Director/Executive Director before making a final decision about participant attendance and documentation should be retained for both cases.
How much does it cost?

Participants of Girls on the Run® and their families choose a program fee ranging from $10 to $150.  Girls participate equally in the program regardless of the fee their family selects.  Girls must complete the program to receive all benefits noted below, including shoes.  A sliding scale is provided during the registration process for families to choose what they believe they can afford
The financial sustainability of our program depends on the honesty and integrity of parents who choose their appropriate registration amount.  It is essential that each family contribute as much toward the full cost of the registration fee as it can afford.  Local fundraising efforts and donations help to bridge the gap between program fees paid and necessary sponsorship.
Families that have the ability to and are interested in supporting the program beyond the $150 may choose to sponsor additional girls as well.

What if a girl is unable to pay the registration fee?
We turn no child away from our program due to financial limitations. Last year, 65% of our girls required either full or partial financial support to participate in the program. We are committed to raising funds so that every girl who wants to participate can have the chance to do so. If you would like to sponsor a girl, please contact us.
What does the program fee include?
1. 20 lessons conducted by certified Girls on the Run® Coaches
2. A GOTR water bottle
3. Registration entry in the Girls on the Run 5k
4. A healthy snack at each practice
5. An official Girls on the Run T-shirt
6. 5k finisher's medallion

I cannot find a site at or near my daughter's school.  How do I start the program?
We deliver the program in all interested school districts, YMCAs, or Boys & Girls Clubs  that have a presence within Bexar, Comal or Kendall counties. Our territory is defined in conjunction with Girls on the Run International.  If Girls on the Run or Heart & Sole is not in a school in our program area, we can help you bring the program your way. See Starting a New Site.
Can my daughter repeat the program?
Yes!! Starting Fall 2017, we will be alternating curriculum for both GOTR and Heart & Sole, so each season of a school year, the curriculum will be different so the girls experience similar topics with different games and activities from one year to the next.  Additionally, each of our curricula was designed to be used over and over again, with girls new to the program and with girls repeating the program. We also know that what a child experiences and learns in Girls on the Run as a third grader is quite different from what she learns as a fourth or fifth grader. With repetition the depths of learning and the ability of a girl to apply what she learns at each lesson is greater.  Lastly, for girls who return to the program year after year, that experience will allow the girls to naturally step into mentoring and leadership roles with the younger girls.
Why are teams limited to 15 girls?
We find that our teams are most effective with 8 to 15 girls. Much of the Girls on the Run curriculum is designed to build team dynamics among the girls. Teams must have at least 8 girls in order for the activities in each lesson to be effective, and yet we also need to ensure the size of the group is manageable for our coaches.

Because we also want each girl to contribute to our conversations during each lesson, we are committed to keeping the groups to a reasonable size. If sites have more than 15 girls who want to join the program, they may be considered for multiple teams if space and resources allow.
Can my daughter participate at another site if the program is not at her school?
Often we are able to help a girl find an existing team to join if Girls on the Run is not available at her school. Please contact us for assistance.

Can my home schooled child join Girls on the Run?
Yes! We are happy to help place a home schooled child at any area site if space allows.

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